Many executives do not like to talk about risk in their business, and most have even less interest in managing it. But risk management is so much more than just a tired, boring SWOT analysis, left over from your last college lecture. While it is true that some risk management exists due to regulatory climates in certain industries, this is not the entire picture. In today's economy, business moves at a remarkable pace. If you are not ready to handle risk oriented challenges that arise unexpectedly, you will probably watch your competition surpass you. And how do you expect to grow your business without the proper attention paid to potential setbacks?

BluTinuity can tailor a solution that helps you cut through the clutter so you can focus on what really matters in the following target areas:

  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment - Security & Privacy
  • Security Incident Response Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance Risk Assessment (Focus on Technology & Security Controls)
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Risk Management Strategic Planning
  • Compliance Strategies
  • Interim Risk Management Leadership
  • Governance & Infrastructure
  • Team Alignment & Change Management
  • Technology Assessment
  • Security Controls Design, Audit, & Test
  • Vendor Capabilities Assessment
  • Business Process Review & Redesign
  • Cyber Security, Data Breach, & Disaster Event Simulations / Drills / Tabletop Exercises

For more information on how BluTinuity can create a personalized risk reducing solution, contact us today.