Business Continuity Awareness Week Coming Soon

by Scott Owens, PMP, CBCP on February 16th, 2014

Business Continuity is one of the most important organizational disciplines that can be implemented in a business.  It essentially prescribes an approach for understanding and managing business risk, and an approach to the preparation for and management of a variety of incidents that actively threaten the ongoing operations of the business.  Business Continuity is concerned with people, facility assets, and technology, and the strategic interrelationships between them.  It is about the ability of a business to respond to a crisis in such a way as to minimize the damage and impact of a disaster. 
With this in mind, it would seem that everyone would have an interest in business continuity.  And in a few weeks, there is a wonderful occasion to share the virtues of business continuity with others.
Business Continuity Awareness Week is only one month away (March 17-21, 2014).  This exciting week is sponsored by the Business Continuity Institute, and provides a great opportunity for you to bring attention to your company’s Business Continuity Management or Disaster Recovery Programs.  I would like to encourage you to plan for some level of awareness activities.  Some companies will coordinate training seminars, concentrate on updating their business continuity plans, or facilitate disaster drills with this event, but simpler forms of awareness like newsletter articles or intranet blogs are also impactful.
Here are some ideas for you to consider over the next month to generate awareness for Business Continuity Awareness Week:

  • In your regular team meetings, share pieces of your business continuity plan with employees
  • Hold a building evacuation drill
  • Practice executing the call trees or emergency notification system
  • Perform a paper-based walkthrough (tabletop exercise) of your plans using a realistic scenario
  • Invite local law enforcement to present a safety topic to an upcoming meeting
  • Update your disaster recovery team assignments
  • Verify your data backups are working properly
  • Design a wallet card to hand out to staff with critical information
  • Share this 4 minute video on the importance of business continuity: Business Continuity Management: The Time is Now  

Please take the time to share on this blog what you are planning to do to help your organization become more ready to handle a disaster. 

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