Technology Predictions for 2014

by Scott Owens, PMP, CBCP on January 10th, 2014

As the New Year rings in, please consider a few technology predictions for 2014.
Cyber security breaches will be commonplace.  What do Target, Instagram, Gmail, Adobe, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have in common?  They all suffered security breaches in the past few years in which millions of user accounts or nd/or financial record data was stolen and misused.  Healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and government agency systems were compromised.  According to a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute, an estimated 8,000 unencrypted corporate laptops are stolen each week in the United States.  Many organizations do a poor job of protecting against these kinds of events, and they all have a huge cost.  Expect this trend of security breaches to continue even though companies will invest heavily in security. 
Your smart phone will become more important than your laptop, and will be able to control most electronic devices in your home and office.  Already an active player in controlling your cable/DVR box, Blu-ray device, SmartTV, Netflix, or Google Chromecast, the smart phone is quickly becoming the technology that will control your world.  Integrated home security?  Nanny-cam?  Control the thermostat?  Turn off the lights? Close the garage door?  Check.  Already here.  Washers, dryers, refrigerators, water filtration systems?  Available.  Coffee machines are on the horizon.  Bill Gates once envisioned a smart house with incredible technology, but people didn’t want just the automation.  What we really want is to control it ourselves with our personal smart phones.  Expect more home appliances to be Wi-Fi enabled to bring convenience into your hands.
Wearable technology will start to become mainstream.  Or at least not weird.  Nike Fit and other similar technologies that connect a sensor in a wristband, chip, or device to your smart phone app for physical fitness or health reasons is already big business.  The new Samsung Galaxy watches seem to be brining spy gadget technology into the forefront.  And 2014 may be the year that Google Glass hits big time with healthcare or professional applications.  So while imagining someone wearing all this technology may seem like an episode of Star Trek, it is here to stay. 
What are your technology predictions for 2014? 

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