About Us

Personalized Solutions, Cross-Sector Experience, Technology-Neutral Approach

At BluTinuity, we align the executive and strategic goals of your organization with technology, crafting a personalized solution that fits your business. Our cross-sector experience in healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, energy, technology, government and social sectors ensures stringent regulations and standards are met. Additionally, this broad-spectrum experience brings the best practices of each industry to your project, resulting in a strong solution for your business.

While other consulting firms align themselves with specific hardware, software, products and methodology, BluTinuity takes a technology-neutral approach. Through careful evaluation using industry best practices and compliance requirements as the backdrop, we’ll help you select and implement solutions that fit the needs of your business. And, a technology-neutral approach helps us to manage budgetary requirements as well, investing in the right tools for your project and decreasing waste when possible.

Scott P. Owens, PMP, CBCP

A seasoned, pragmatic management consultant, company founder Scott Owens brings more than 25 years of experience in business continuity and disaster recovery planning, HIPAA security compliancerisk managementstrategic and tactical technology leadership, and complex project planning and management. His experience as thought leader and advisor allows him to quickly assess a business’ operational, technical, and political climate and find opportunities to make technology and technology-related process improvements.  

Scott’s goal is to consistently deliver for high-quality results for your organization by focusing on risk measured personalized solutions, that will position your leadership and program teams for success.

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